A Serious Relationship

Planning a Family


Not all people dream of populating the world with miniature versions of themselves, but many couples do want to have a home where they can raise their own children. Planning a family might be something many singles believe they should wait on until they have found the right person, but they might need to discuss it long before they are ready to make a commitment to marriage. If their partner does not want children, they will have to make the choice to sacrifice their own dream or move on to a new relationship.

It can be depressing to find out a close relationship is about to dissolve when one person is not interested in having children at all, and it is best to find out before the wedding. Those who have invested their emotions heavily into a relationship can become depressed when their fondest dream of the future has turned into a nightmare. Learning early in the relationship that this small rift will eventually become an impassable chasm could give the couple a chance to part of good terms, and they will find it easier to move into another relationship.

Raising a family is often something people take for granted, and it could seem strange that one person would be unwilling to share that experience. There are reasons some people have for not wanting children of their own, but they might be willing to compromise with adoption or fostering the children of others.

A long term relationship is about building a future both partners want, so being able to find middle ground could be a saving grace. For those who have run into an impassable roadblock, realizing their paths must diverge could save them from a great deal of heartbreak in the future. They might stumble for the first few steps, but they could eventually find the person who will help make their dreams come true.